Welcome to ISC Enclosure Climate Control

ISC’s Enclosure Climate Control division offers solutions for cabinets and panels with the most exacting specifications. We offer a wide range of products such as our line of Delta-T Enclosure Air Conditioners, Vortex Coolers, Filtered Fan Packages, Heat Exchangers, Thermoelectric Air Conditioners, Purge and Pressurization systems.  We also carry Enclosure Heaters and other enclosure climate control accessories.

Enclosure Air Conditioners

Enclosure Air Conditioners Delta-T’s line of Enclosure Air Conditioners can prevent high ambient temperatures and internal heat loads from causing equipment failures by reducing the temperature inside your panels, cabinets and enclosures.  We have units ranging from 1,000 BTUH to 20,000 BTUH that cover a wide variety of applications and cabinet sizes. All of our […]

Vortex Enclosure Coolers

Vortex Enclosure Coolers Enclosure Coolers keep Electrical and Electronic Enclosures cool, clean and protected and are a low cost alternative to expensive, high maintenance air conditioners; and avoid contamination with dirty, humid air caused by fans. Using filtered compressed air and vortex tube technology, Vortex Coolers provide cooling capacities to 5000 BTUH and maintain NEMA […]

Air to Air Heat Exchangers

Air to Air Heat Exchangers Our Air to Air Heat Exchanger is a closed loop cooling system which employs the heat pipe principle to exchange heat from an electrical enclosure to the outside. Where ambient temperatures are suitable for heat pipes, a2a heat exchangers are the most efficient method of cooling as the waste heat […]

Koldwave Air Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners ISC’s portable air conditioners from Koldwave provide temporary, emergency, spot, and supplemental cooling anywhere you need it. Koldwave’s quiet, efficient operation and 13,200 to 61,200 BTU/HR of portable, reliable cooling make it ideal in any commercial or industrial space that needs a semi-permanent or permanent add-on solution. Units only use an environmentally friendly […]

Purge and Pressurization Systems

Purge and Pressurization Systems Purge and Pressurization systems offer a safe and economical approach to installing electrical equipment in hazardous locations. They purge and pressurize the protected enclosure and then maintain pressure within the enclosure. This reduces the classification within the protected enclosure from a Division 1, Zone 1, 21 to Division 2, Zone 2, […]

Filtered Fan Packages

Filtered Fan Packages The Filter Fan Cooling System are ideal for cost effectively dissipating high heat loads. Designed for cooling electronic equipment housed within enclosures located in ambient environments which are not extremely harsh, and humidity is not a concern. ISC engineered our filter fans to combine optimal air flow, and a high degree of protection from […]

Thermoelectric Air Conditioners

Thermoelectric Air Conditioners ISC Thermoelectric Air Conditioners are designed to cool your electrical enclosures, instruments, telecommunications equipment, and many other electronics in variety of environments. Thermoelectric (also called Peltier cooling) is a solid-state method of heat transfer generated primarily through the use of dissimilar semiconductor materials. There are no moving mechanical parts (except fans) so […]

Din Rail Heaters for Electrical Enclosures

Protect mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment from low temperatures, condensation and corrosion with an enclosure heater that maintains a stable enclosure temperature. ISC provides a wide range of heaters with various options, sizes and heat loads. Full Enclosure Heater Brochure

Air Conditioned Transit Cases

Our Air Conditioned Transit Cases are ideal for applications where sensitive equipment needs to be kept cool and secure while being moved from site to site.  These cases have been used in military application, aerospace environments, wireless communications and many other mission critical environments.